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Kitalei and her friends leave their lives behind in the normal world for Haden, a hidden world only accessed through portals found in alleyways, where ones born there are able to use awakening abilities (super powers). In this world there is an entirely different ruling system and social class: The organizations and the agents, which are classed onto a hierarchy of decreasing status.  Join Kitalei, Yasmine and Akira on their journey to become S.H.A.D.O.W. agents, an organization in the middle of this Hierachy, situated on the mountains, later discovering that she never belonged in the world she were born in.

Book 1 is told from Kitalei’s view, and you discover all there is to know about her past,  current life, and her awesome mentor, Damon Hireki.Trinity is in danger; Mole agents are sneaking in and out every day leaking important information; but they cannot be traced. Join Kitalei and her friends on their first mission as trainee agents, which turns out to be more epic than they’d trained for!

First in the series, keep an eye out!

The Shadow Girls 1, Into the Shadows