Why did you create this series?

My name’s Chloe Walker, I’m 17, and I have many reasons for wanting to become an author of my own book series (still writing the manuscript) I actually created it when I was around 13/14, when I developed a love for action cartoons and animation. It was probably the unrealistic fight scenes that did it for me and how cool they were to watch. I then saw how attached fans got to it, it was them who pretty much made the show successful, lining up to buy merchandise, gassing about each new episode and plot twists, drawing fan art, etc. I guess I want something similar, in future anyway 😝

At first, my plan was to just scribble down a few notes and doodles then submit them to an animation company, in hopes that they would pick it up and become a show (I was 13 OK?) I even remember calling up a lot, (none of whom answered btw πŸ˜‘) But I was just a naive kid, who would? But I refused to give up on it. As time went along, and I developed more ideas and characters, I wondered if it was worth sharing, and so told my friends about it and brought in my work. Much to my surprise, they were amazed! They all wanted to see my drawings and congratulated me, and then I started drawing a comic, that I would show my friend every science class, that I sat next to. She loved it, and was sad if I hadn’t drawn any new pages. The drawings were God-awful back then trust me, but if she liked it, I figured who’s not to say others wouldn’t too?

I got a LinkedIn account at around 14/15, and me, being a child, was just trying desperately to be noticed by someone important, someone that would take a look at my ideas. There was this one guy who replied back, he was an animator. When I showed him one of my characters, he asked my about their story, and that was the most important part. I froze. I realised that he had no story; none of them did. It just never seemed that important at the time. But heeding his advice I decided to give all my characters a story, and I found it quite exciting, because then instead of just pictures, they all became people. I then went on to fill out numerous notepads with ideas, sketch pads, evolving them and giving them abilities, connections, how they ended up there, tragic back stories, the reasons they were who they were. Some were inspired by my favourite superheroes, others completely original.

I don’t remember if it was this year or last year, last year probably πŸ˜… I bought a graphics tablet, because I wanted my work to look professional. I immediately got to work, and posted everything I did on Instagram (theshadowgirlstsg) and they gradually improved the more I did it. At first it was just in hopes someone important would see it, but I’d grown so attached to the story that I didn’t want it changed. So, I became a writer. I’m currently in the process of writing book 1, but I’ve already planned out the next 6 πŸ˜ƒ. As soon as it’s finished I’m deciding to self publish, and I’ll put the Amazon link up here soon as it’s ready. Any ways, thanks for reading, and watch this space!

Chloe Walker😜


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