So what’s this all about?

Welcome to Haden, the hidden side of the world, only found through alleyways of the world you know. It consists of a very different order and social class system: Still just as corrupt. Within Haden one is also able to awaken, meaning endure enough physical or emotional pain to reach their breaking point. Once this is reached, the person can awaken. Agents and organisations hold power in this world, existing in their very own hierarchy, in which Shadow exists, right in the middle. Enter it’s newest agents:

Kimberly Coleman:

Dropped off 16 years ago at a poor but kind woman’s house, Kimberly grew up through a rough childhood, facing dangers at home and an unsavoury neighbourhood. She saw her helpless guardian constantly disrespected which caused her to be extremely angry developing problems at school, earning the nickname ‘hothead.’ Kimberly is loud, competitive, cheerful and strong willed in nature, growing up seeing what is wrong with the world, she made it her mission to make it right. 

Akira Tsuiyama:

Much of Akiras past is still unknown, although Akira is Kimberly and Yasmine’s closest friend, she is a rather shady character, with unknown intentions at this point. She outclasses the both of them in combat skills, planning and strategic thinking, setting a standard they both wish to reach. Akira shows little interest in most things, is highly intelligent and regards everything seriously. She can also be known to be arrogant at times. She often gives people cold looks. One things for certain: Whatever her past was, it was painful. 

Yasmine Kuunichi:

The bubbly, cute one of the group. Yasmine is like the sunshine that holds everyone together, and often stands in the way to prevent Kimberly and Akira from fighting. She is an exceptional gymnast, but often doubts herself due to bullying in the past. Her greatest desire is to protect her closest friends, and It was because of her that they all became friends, and she chose to be an agent so she could stay with them. Clumsy, funny and oblivious to most things, it’s always fun to have Yasmine around. 


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